Meet our team

Asya Rafaelova

Asya is the ALPHA Centre Founder and President: She is an international expert on Quality Assessment and Project Management. She has graduated from the University of Varna, Bulgaria on Marketing and Management, and on Accountancy as a post-graduate level.

She was responsible for running the quality system in several companies, for the external evaluation of Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, Erasmus+ KA2 projects and EfC projects, and has 8-years' experience as an external expert at the Spanish National Agency. She has organised many transnational activities within European projects, conferences and press conferences and has been responsible for the design and piloting of manuals and training units in the school, VET, sport, youth and adult education fields.

She has also carried out research studies under different programmes and projects (Leonardo, Grundtvig, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, Erasmus+, AMIF, Horizon 2020, CERV).

Dimitri Veselinov

He's a young artist, painter and graphic designer, responsible for the corporative image of ALPHA Centre. He is experienced in the design of logos, flyers, posters, T-shirts and complements. He's used to do also oil paintings. He has been in charge of several trainings related to the art expression, sport and civics as a way of communication and integration of people with fewer opportunities.

Additionally, he has participated as a group leader in more than 10 youth projects since 2016.

Marta Rivas Yera

Marta is finishing her Master degree on cultural management at the International University of Catalunya. She joined our team after doing her university practices in Alpha Centre. Marta demonstrated to be a good team worker, very creative with a sense of initiative and excellent communication skills.

She's in charge of the projects' outputs development, organisation of workshops and other training activities and events, supporting the EU projects' implementation.