Let's get to know each other better

Alpha has been founded by staff members with a rich experience in European Projects Management and coordination, quality assessment, training on projects' planning and implementation, and work with disadvantaged groups, as immigrants, early school leavers, vulnerable youth, unemployed, Roma people and elderly citizens. 

ALPHA provides by itself or in a local partnership with private and public bodies and organisations,  actions and services which give people knowledge on European values, history and achievements,  social and labour competences and life improvement. Particularly, concerning the training  activities, the purpose is to gradually eliminate the barriers and to increase opportunities for  smooth integration in the society and avoid discrimination. 

ALPHA is a small size organisation operating with a professional staff of various trainers,  consultants and social workers, supported by qualified volunteers. The key staff has participated in  many local and EU projects aiming at intercultural education, civic participation, promotion of  tolerance and European values among the people in the region and the country. 

Educators are innovators

The main skills involved in our education & training approach are:

  • Deep social context knowledge, including national and local situations;

  • High communication and relationship skills, applied to multicultural and complex systems;

  • Wide expertise in empowering vulnerable people by teaching and coaching, using a person-centred   approach;

  • Designing, implementing and evaluating high quality and innovative path activities;

We pride ourselves not on our work, but on the results of our work. Clients who have been through  our courses regularly report having higher levels of projects' management success and quality  performance than before.

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